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And we did it again! After the price-performance victory for our carbohydrate-rich Energy Gels in the magazine Rennrad in August, our isotonic sports drink N-Dure has now cleared the price-performance victory of the magazine Running.

This is exactly what we want to stand for, because we are firmly convinced that good sports nutrition does not have to be expensive.

During the development of N-Dure we analyzed 23 isotonic beverages from established manufacturers and learned that they boil only with water…

The top 3 components of an isotonic sports drink are

  • Simple, easily digestible carbohydrates
  • Salts and minerals
  • Flavours and acidifiers


Our Iso-Drink N-Dure is designed exactly according to this principle. Thanks to the consistent reduction of advertising and our direct sales model, we can offer our product 50% cheaper than the established competitors (average price of 23 iso-beverages of a German online shop, surveyed in April 2018).