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Energy Bar 2020

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The BAAM Energy Bars are easy to digest Carbohydrate bars with natural ingredients.

The high energy density with above 60% of carbohydrates fuels you efficiently during long endurance workouts. In addition, the energy bars taste fantastic.


Dark Chocolate Crisp (Choco Crisp), Almond Coconut and Cacao Hazelnut

Einzelriegel, 6 x 1 Riegel oder Pack mit 14 x 35g


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During longer endurance workouts, your body consumes energy from your carbohydrate stores. To replenish these stores efficiently before or during exercise, we have developed BAAM Energy Bars. They complement our range of energy products for endurance athletes.

With a share of 60% carbohydrates they offer a high density of energy from various, easily digestible carbohydrate sources and are available in a size of 35g. Beside the High Energy Bar Choco Crisp we also have two natrual energy bars based on dates with only three or four different ingredients.

High Energy Bar Dark Chocolate Crisps

This bar has a delicious chocolate taste, because of the dark chocolate which is incorporated into the bar- without the negative effects of a chocolate coating. The high energy density is achieved by oat flakes and rice crisps in combination with the binder glucose syrup. In addition to pure energy, it offers a protein content of 5% and the added sea salt helps to compensate for sodium losses through sweating.

Natural Energy Bar Almond and Coconut

A very natural bar based on date paste, coconut flakes, almonds and coconut oil- that’s it. No additives (E-codes), no added flavours and preservatives. The coconut flakes give the bar a delicious coconut taste with a light fruity kick and based on the date base it gives you a pleasant bite.

Natural Energy Bar Cocoa Hazelnut

Like the Almond Coconut bar, this bar also consists of very few ingredients: dates, hazelnuts and cocoa powder. The bar has no artificial ingredients and thanks to the cocoa powder it has a very pleasant chocolate taste.


  • High energy density of above 60% carbohydrates
  • With natural ingredients such as oat flakes, dates and hazelnuts (depending on the variety)
  • Practical size of 35g for energy supply during training and competition
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Please note:

Only the selected flavour is delivered in the specified quantity. Other articles shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the scope of delivery. Depending on the variety the product may feature different nutritional values and/or ingredients.




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