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Isotonic Drink N-Dure



An isotonic sports drink that gives you the energy to achieve your goals. In addition to 30g carbohydrates per serving, it provides five essential minerals and compensates for sweating losses.

Lemon or Orange

1000g = 30 Servings à 33g


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Endurance sport is like driving a car – when the tank is empty, you simply stop going. Our Iso sports drink N-DURE offers you around 30g of easily digestible carbohydrates per serving and five essential minerals. It provides you with the energy you need to achieve your personal goals.

BAAM N-DURE is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink which helps to maintain endurance performance during prolonged endurance training. It has been developed on a maltodextrin-dextrose basis and is easy-to-digest even under physical stress. BAAM N-DURE improves the absorption of water during physical activity. It offers you five essential minerals that help you to quickly and efficiently balance minerals lost through perspiration.

From our own experience, we know that many sports drinks are too intense in taste and at some point you simply can’t take them anymore! We consciously developed our Iso Drink N-Dure with a less intense taste, so you will like it, even during your extra long workouts.



  • Contributes to maintaining your endurance performance
  • Easy to digest –  it comes without fructose
  • Lightly flavoured and not too sweet – also tastes good after several hours of physical exercise


The Iso sports drink N-Dure comes in two flavours



N-DURE Orange is newly developed and comes with an extra light taste. The sugar content is less than 5g/100ml sports drink and the sweetness is exclusively generated by dextrose. Many athletes rated the drink as not sweet enough in the first test. After the first use in training they didn’t want to miss it anymore.



N-DURE Lemon is one of our bestsellers. With a fruity fresh lemon taste this iso drink accompanies you in training and competition. It has a very low proportion of simple sugars (16%) and a very pleasant, light sweetness based on the sweetener sucralose.


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