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Instant oats: the healthy energy source

Why oats are so healthy and how you as a cyclist can quickly replenish your carbohydrate stores

Oats gives you the energy for intensive sessions

To train intensively or to build up mass you need energy – a lot of energy.

As a strength athlete in the mass phase, you quickly need up to 4,000 calories a day, and in cycling, a six-hour session alone can cost you over 3,000 calories.

A healthy and wholesome diet helps you to absorb the necessary micronutrients in addition to energy, but when it comes to the calories you need, it can be difficult to absorb them through your normal diet. This is where our Instant Oats can help you absorb healthy calories quickly and efficiently – and with healthy carbohydrates. They contain 68g of carbohydrates per 100g and only 0.8g of sugar. And all this from purely natural foods!


Why oats are so healthy

Oats have a number of properties that make them a true superfood. First of all, oats are an excellent source of carbohydrate for athletes, as they are low in fat and fibre and at the same time have a carbohydrate content of 68%. These are mainly complex carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly by the body and do not lead to a short-term energy boost, such as glucose.

Besides carbohydrates, oats also naturally contain 15% protein and a number of important micronutrients, including vitamins B1, B6 and E and the minerals zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These contribute, among other things, to normal energy metabolism and to reducing fatigue and tiredness. Oats are therefore an ideal food for strength and endurance athletes such as racing cyclists and triathletes.


What distinguishes instant oats from oats

The only difference is the degree of grinding: instant oats consist of 100% finely ground oat flakes. This makes them more soluble and they can easily be added to shakes or breakfast. They help them to start the day better in the morning or to quickly replenish empty energy stores after exercise.

Because they are finely ground, they are processed more quickly by the body and you can take them in the form of a shake in addition to your normal meals. After a long or very intensive training session, you can absorb a lot of energy immediately afterwards without feeling full for a long time.


Instant Oats


Natural Product „Made in Germany“

Recipe for a super power post-workout shake

After an intensive training session, you want to ,

  • quickly replenish your energy stores,
  • supply the body with proteins for muscle growth and in addition
  • support recovery.


To achieve this, you can use the following shake:

  • 40g of our BAAM Recovery Shake Reload-R
  • 50g BAAM Instant Oats
  • 20g ground nuts
  • approx. 500ml vegetable or low-fat milk
  • Fruits (e.g. banana)


The shake allows you to take in between 650 and 700 calories very easily and very quickly, with a good mix of short- and long-chain carbohydrates, almost 30g of protein and healthy fats thanks to the nut flour. At the same time you have a boost of micronutrients that support recovery. The B vitamins riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 support normal energy metabolism and help reduce fatigue and tiredness, while calcium, magnesium and potassium contribute to normal muscle function.

This way, you can make an important contribution to your body’s recovery even before your shower and you will soon be ready for the next demanding training session.

Recovery Shake Reload-R

Vanilla | Choco

Supports Recovery thanks to B-Vitamins  and minerals included