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Dissolves well in milk, moderate sweetness and love the taste – ideal after hard workouts!

about Reload-R, Recovery Shake Vanilla


Road cyclist, district champion Weser-Ems 2017

Ideal as a fast and easy-to-digest supply of energy during long race days!

about N-Dure, Iso-Drink Lemon


Enduro Race Driver from Regensburg

BAAM products fully support me during my workout as well as in my recovery phase.

about BAAM products enhancing personal performance


Triathlete from Nürnberg

Tastes fantastic, not too sweet and priced very attractively!

about N-Dure, Iso Drink Lemon


German Triathlete, 1. place IM Wales 2017 age group

Great idea, great products!

general comment about BAAM after testing the products


Road-Cyclist from Austria

I tried many protein shakes. This is by far the best!

about Build-R, Protein Shake Vanilla


Hobby Athlete from Germany

The first Iso-drink I really liked the taste of. Not too sweet and easy digestible!

about N-Dure, Iso Drink Lemon


Athlete from East Friesland

Not too sweet and very natural in taste one of the best Iso-drinks I know!

about N-Dure, Iso Drink Lemon


Amateur-Cyclist from Göttingen

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