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Energy Gels Trial Pack



Save 48% on our energy gel tester pack

Each three gels Blackcurrant and Natural Berry.

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Total 6 Portions


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Save now 48% and test our price-performance winning energy gels: The energy gel trial pack includes six energy gels each three Natural Berry and three Blackcurrant gels so that you can test the products extensively.

The BAAM-Energy Gel is ideal for long endurance workouts. It was developed on a maltodextrin-glucose basis and thanks to short-chained carbohydrates, the energy is quickly available. Thanks to its pleasant consistency, it is easy to absorb, even under heavy physical stress. The gels contain 100mg sea salt per serving to compensate for mineral losses caused by perspiration.

The Natural Berry Gel is a very natural gel, which was developed on a fruit juice basis, Blackcurrant was the winner of our internal taste test. Both offer with 40g per serving a not too large volume and about 25-30g carbohydrates per serving. The flavours used are of course purely natural.


  • short-chain, quickly available carbohydrates
  • every taste available with and without caffeine
  • Portion size ideal for use on the go

Please note: The trial pack only includes products without caffeine.


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