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Endurance Bundle

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The BAAM Bundle for endurance riders with the isotonic sports drink N-DURE, Energy Bars and the Recovery Shake RELOAD-R! With this bundle, you can cover all nutrition needs and focus on your training.

Save now up to 20% (depending on the product selection)


1x 1’000g Iso Sports Drink Lemon or Orange
1x 1’000g Recovery Choco-Flavour
18x 35g BAAM Energy Bars (6 of each flavour)
1x BAAM Drink Bottle Shiva 500ml

Selection option: 0, 12, oder 24 BAAM Energy Gels



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Save up to 20% and get our pack for experts:

With the Isotonic Drink N-Dure, BAAM Energy Bars and together with the Recovery Shake Reload-R chocolate you can cover all your nutritional needs and you can even go hard to reach your personal goals. The products provide you with energy, support rehydration and help you recover efficiently during periods of high training load. This way you get the best out of every training session and get one step closer to your personal goals. In addition, you can add up to 24 BAAM Energy Gels if needed to train even longer.

Each package also contains one of our popular BAAM drinking bottles Tacx Shiva 500ml.

Put together your own package now!

BAAM N-DURE is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink which helps to maintain endurance performance during prolonged endurance training. It has been developed on a maltodextrin-dextrose basis and is easy-to-digest even under physical stress. BAAM N-DURE improves the absorption of water during physical activity. It offers you five essential minerals that help you to quickly and efficiently balance minerals lost through perspiration.

BAAM Energy Bars are easily digestible carbohydrate bars with natural ingredients. With over 60% carbohydrate content, they offer a high energy density with a perfect size of 35g which you can easily consume on your bike. They help to supply your body with energy during long physical exertion. The package contains 18 bars, 6 bars with different flavours: High Energy Bar Choco Crisp, Natural Energy Bar Almond Coconut, and the Natural Energy Bar Hazelnut Cocoa.

The Recovery-Shake Reload-R offers you carbohydrates, 12g protein per serving and a vitamin/mineral mix that supports regeneration. It is designed to be consumed immediately after exercise and helps you to quickly replenish your carbohydrate stores and supply your muscles with proteins.

The BAAM-Energy Gels is ideal for long endurance workouts. It was developed on a maltodextrin-glucose basis and thanks to short-chained carbohydrates, the energy is quickly available. With its pleasant consistency, it is easy to absorb, even under heavy physical stress. The gels contain 100mg sea salt per serving to compensate for mineral losses caused by perspiration.



Only the selected flavour is delivered in the specified quantity. Other articles shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the scope of delivery. Depending on the variety, nutritional values and/or ingredients may vary.

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Gewicht 4,0 kg
Größe 11 × 23 × 35 cm
Geschmack Iso Drink N-Dure


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Geschmack Energy Gel

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