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BAAM in the Press

April/Mai 2018

„The products have convinced many athletes  – with their taste as well as their performance in training and competition.“

Edition 05/2018

„The manufacturer offers a particularly good price-performance ratio“

Online, 05/2018

Online competition in cooperation with Austrias biggest outdoor magazine

Juni/Juli 2018

„All you need before and during longer runs. Effective carbohydrate-matrix, which should be easy to digest.“

At least 50% better prices in comparison to the other Iso drinks tested.

Juni/Juli 2018

„The iso drink N-dure supports hydration and fuels you during your ride. Thanks to direct marketing these products come with a superb price performance ratio.“

Juni 2018

„quick energy for training and competition“

No. 4 2018

„Given the high quality offered at a fair price, BAAM clearly stands out from competition.“

Ausgabe 08/2018

„One of our top favourites in terms of taste. The gel provides a lot of fuel.“

Running Special „Health“ 10/2018

„All you need and easy to digest“

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Cycling Coaching

Often, the time for training is very limited. All the more important is an individually adapted training plan to get the maximum out of your performance.

In 6-8 hours per week we will make you fit to reach your target, be it an Ultra Marathon, a Gran Fondo, Cross Country, Cyclocross or a Crit. No useless and long training hours – make the best out of your scarce training time!


Find rides and like-minded cyclists near you

Wih the free Cyclique App, cyclists can join rides in their surroundings or quickly set up a tour to find partners to ride with. With Cycle-Matches you meet new cyclists for your rides by filtering by bike-type and fitness level.

On top, Cyclique offers further interesting community-features like a magazine with training tips & tricks from pro’s and experts as well as a second hand product feed.